Hollywood Commissioner Peter Hernandez

Commissioner Hernandez attended Apollo Middle School and McArthur High School. He was not able to finish high school because in 1978, his family started a sand, gravel, and construction materials business. He began to work with his father to keep the business running. Later, Commissioner Hernandez went back to school and got his high school diploma. As an adult, he has taken business classes at Broward College.
Throughout the years, Commissioner Hernandez has volunteered for several boards and committees serving the community such as:

The Broward County Zoning BoardHollywood Hispanic Affairs CouncilUnsafe Structures BoardHollywood Sister Cities InternationalDevelopment Review Board, and other subcommitteesResource Recovery BoardFlorida League of Cities Legislative Policy Committee Member

He was the Chair of Hollywood’s 75th Birthday Celebration in 2000. He also became part of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club serving as President of both these organizations. As part of his involvement he became a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) member, realizing that through giving, one receives.

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